Tom Landry
Trannon Izworski

Tom Landry

           I am going to do my biography report on Tom Landry. My first reason for choosing this person was because I love the Dallas Cowboys. The Dallas Cowboys are a football team. Another reason was because my mom loved him and I would love to learn about him. I would also like learn about him because I would like to see how he coached the Dallas Cowboys. My final reason is because I think he was good at what he did.

         Tom Landry was born September 11, 1924, in Mission, Texas. He had many friends. He also loved playing many sports. Tom was the second child of four children.

          Tom Landry went to high school. He was a quarterback for Mission High School. Tom got a 12-0 record on his senior year. When Tom Landry graduated he went to the University of Texas.

          Tom Landry led the Cowboys to the Super Bowl in 1971 and 1977. He was elected Pro Hall of Fame in 1990. Tom Landry got Ring of Honor in 1993. He won 13 division championships and 5 NFC titles.


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