The Weary Blues Langston,Hughes

    Droning a drowsy syncopated tune,Rocking back and forth to a mellow croon, I heard a Negro play.Down on Lenox Avenue the other nightBy the pale dull pallor of an old gas light He did a lazy sway . . . He did a lazy sway . . .To the tune o’ those Weary Blues.With his ebony hands on each ivory keyHe made that poor piano moan with melody. O Blues!Swaying to and fro on his rickety stoolHe played that sad raggy tune like a musical fool. Sweet Blues!Coming from a black man’s soul. O Blues!In a deep song voice with a melancholy toneI heard that Negro sing, that old piano moan— “Ain’t got nobody in all this world, Ain’t got nobody but ma self. I’s gwine to quit ma frownin’ And put ma troubles on the shelf.”

    • Thump, thump, thump, went his foot on the floor.He played a few chords then he sang some more— “I got the Weary Blues And I can’t be satisfied. Got the Weary Blues And can’t be satisfied— I ain’t happy no mo’ And I wish that I had died.”And far into the night he crooned that tune.The stars went out and so did the moon.The singer stopped playing and went to bedWhile the Weary Blues echoed through his head.He slept like a rock or a man that’s dead.   
    •  I Like this poem it reflects the pain of a black man.How he plays his pain through his music so lovely it really stuck out to me it is a great poem from Langston,Hughes.

The Thrush edward thomas
When Winter's ahead,What can you read in NovemberThat you read in AprilWhen Winter's dead? I hear the thrush, and I seeHim alone at the end of the laneNear the bare poplar's tip,Singing continuously. Is it more that you knowThan that, even as in April,So in November,Winter is gone that must go? Or is all your loreNot to call November November,And April April,And Winter Winter—no more? But I know the months all,And their sweet names, April,May and June and October,As you call and call I must rememberWhat died into AprilAnd consider what will be bornOf a fair November; And April I love for whatIt was born of, and NovemberFor what it will die in,What they are and what they are not, While you love what is kind,What you can sing inAnd love and forget inAll that's ahead and behind.

  • The Thrush poem use's personifaction with months describing the the death of them.and the thrush must be a bird because during the poem it cycle through specifc seasons and only a bird migrates because of the season. the catagory that the poem is under is what caught my eye it was under summer.

The Difficulty Rae Armantraout
This film, like many others,claims we’ll enjoy lifenow that we’ve come through
difficulties, dangersso incredibly condensedthat they must be over.
If the hardshipwas undergone by others,we identified with them
and, if the danger was survivedby simpler life forms,they’re included in this moment
when the credits Rolland we don’t know when to stand

This one is a bit Differnt it is confusing to me i think i understand it .but i chose this poem because it defers from the others it describe i the diffuclty's in life were one may be confused at not sure what to do thats my opinon on it.i kind like this poem but i would like to hear your feedback to ms d.

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2 years ago

That poem "The Difficulty" is really interesting! It seems to be about the way people connect to watching films on an emotional level. But I think it's also about how the version(s?) of life presented in movies aren't accurate representations of the difficulties of life either.

Like, the movie "claims we'll enjoy life now." The word "claims" suggests it isn't actually true. And I love that image at the end of "when the credits / Roll and we don't know when to stand." I understand the uncomfortableness of that kind of moment when you don't want to be the first one to clap in applause or something. ha.

Does that make sense a bit? Other thoughts?