The Swamp boat

By Michael and Santiago

The swamp boat is a flat-bottomed vessel that is powered by automotive engine and has a propeller that steers the swamp boat. The first swamp boat was created by Dr. Alexander Graham Bell in Nova Scotia, Canada in 1905. The first swamp boat was named the "Ugly Duckling". The top speed the swap boat can go is 150 miles per hour. The swamp boat is popular in Florida, USA for tour sites to travel through the everglades. The swamp boat has  impacted society in a positive and negative way. In a positive way, swamp boats were used to save survivors after Hurricane Katrina. In a negative way, if the propeller gets caught into a tree branch, the boat would sink and would strand people. The science for the swamp boat, it is based on the aerodynamics. The technology for the swamp boat is for the engine and self propeller. The engineering is to make sure the boat can sail. And the math of the swamp boat is how fast and how good can it move through the marshy waters.

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