Take a trip to Ancient Egypt

Have you ever wondered what its like in Ancient Egypt? Well if you have come on down to Time Travel today and travel back in time to Ancient Egypt! Only $10.00 per child and $20.00 per adult. But come now or just call 1-800traveltoday and get one child and one adult to come free! If your interested please call now and come down to Time Travel Today and enjoy your trip in Ancient Egypt!

Have you ever rode a camel before? Well if you come to Ancient Egypt you get to ride camels everywhere! Sit back and relax on these graceful animals as they take you to amazing places!Only $5.00 per child and adult on the camel!

After all that exploring and fun you'r eventually going to want to eat right? Well when you'r hungry come to the Luxor Temple buffet and eat delicious fried goose! Or if you don't have an interest in some fried goose then here is our menu below!

~ Luxor Temple Buffet ~

* Appetizers *

Bread- $2.50

Fruit cup- $3.00

Vegetables- $2.00

* Meals *

Goose- $5.00

Goat- $4.00

Fish- $10.00

* Kids Meals *

Fried Goose- $2.50

Beef- $5.00

Chicken- $7.00

* Drinks *

Milk- $2.00

Beer- $5.00

Wine- $3.00

Water- $8.00

Don't forget to pack! Make sure that you have a nice amount of clothing, shoes, etc. Here are some ideas of what you should bring... You may want to bring white clothes because in Ancient Egypt it is HOT! Also pack as many things that the Ancient Egyptians used to wear like bring some makeup because lots of Egyptians wore makeup. And make sure to remember that being nice and being clean was very important to the Egyptians. So daily showers and is a good idea. Again they were just some ideas so if you want anything else to bring feel free to bring it!

If your looking for a nice big place to stay for a big family then book staying in a Villa! Villa's were much more big than regular sun baked houses. Villas were sometimes made out of limestone to make them look nicer. They can also fit a lot more people then a regular sun baked house. If you are not interested in a huge Villa then you are free to buy a regular sized mud house that the peasants lived in. they are still nice but just not as nice as a Villa. One night in a Villa is $125 a night. One night in a regular mud house is $80 a night.

If you and your family want an adventurous ride then come down to take a sail down the Nile River! Children 12+ can go on this ride. This river is VERY rapid so if you are going to go on please follow the rules and be safe! if you follow the rules it should be a fun, crazy, amazing ride! See the prices below!

Prices for the Nile River Ride!

Per child 12+- $5.00

Adults- $10.00

Come now and watch the mummification process! Come now and see Ancient Egyptians mummify a person! Ancient Egyptians used to mummify people because they believed that you lived a great life in the after life! when they take out the organs they only keep the heart in because they believed that the heart was where people got their smarts from and where they got their emotions from. Children 13+ can watch this process. Read below for the prices!

per child 13+- $20.00


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