Polonius is Ophelia's "father" (37) therefore must be middle-aged. He is most likely tall, Caucasian (due to location) and able-bodied since he "nods and hurries upstage" (37) in Act 1. He is cheery and persistent since he said "I hold my duty as I hold my soul" (37). He enjoys to gossip and be involved in social situations similar to when he found "the very cause of Hamlet's lunacy" (37). He is well-mannered and polite in his phrases by addressing others as "my lord" and giving valedictions such as "fare you well". He is long-winded and takes his time to get to his reason for speaking such as when he went on for a paragraph before stating that he knew why Hamlet was crazy.


Viggo Mortensen would be perfect for the role of Polonius considering his age. Since Hamlet goes to school, we can pinpoint his age in the twenties. His girlfriend (and Polonius’ daughter) Ophelia’s age can be estimated to be about the same. This would make a reasonable estimate for Polonius’ age to be around fifty, and Viggo Mortensen is fifty-six. Mortensen is clean shaven, as can be expected from someone of high importance like Polonius (which can be determined since the King had Polonius find “the very cause of Hamlet’s lunacy”- page 37). In addition, Mortensen has played roles that involve finding out information (as Polonius does with "the very cause of Hamlet's lunacy"-page 37), using old language, and being loyal to a party (I hold my duty as I do my soul”- page 37) such as Aragorn in Lord of the Rings.

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