Civilians in Space?

      Space travel should be left to the experts. With space tavel opening up to civilians, should the really be going into space? There are many things to consider such as if they have the necessary training, the cost of it all, and they take the place of a professional scientist. Space travel is not be the best thing for civilians.

     Space travel can be very costly. To build one spacecraft, it costs millions  of dollars. If something were to happen to the spacecraft, all the money would be wasted on it and it would cost even more money to fix it. Also, for civilians to train for space, they have to spend more money on training equipment.

      Civilians may have some but not all of the necessaary training to go into space. Astronounts and other scientists have to go through years of training and studying to got into space. The civilians would only have been training for a few months. If there were a emergency, the civilians would not known what to do as well as a scienctists.

      This may be a once in a lifetime opportunity but it takes away a chance for a real scientist to be in space.  A scientist would use the trip to make discoveries and observations that would be helpful for everyone. The civilian would use the trip for fun. Though the scientist would have been working for this almost their entire life, a civilian may have wanted to do this  because it looks fun

      This is why space travel should be left to the professionals. The cost of it all, not having proper training takeing away a chance for a real scientist to go into space are some of the many reasons why civilians should not be allowed to travel in space. Maybe one day when we all are required to go through the training and studies, civilians will be allowed to space travel. But for now space travel should be left to the experts.

By Nora Harrington

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