Felicity Fernando - Design Technology

I have learned so many different things about Design Technology like editing photos, information about Design tech, Capturing photos and creating an online portfolios like this. I like doing collages, edits and more things on a photo especially when making collage on photos i think it's really fun to collage because i get to switch them around play with them well it's just fun and I get to know more things about photos and editing.

this are the photos that i chose i think this photos really symbolizes values.

This are the photos that i turned into more interesting. the first photo is about Respect i chose that photo because it symbolize the value Respect, the girl is raising her hand if she needs something, answering or asking. The second photo is about Safety i chose the photo because i see it every time and everywhere this photo is about wearing seat belts here in Darwin we experience a lot of car crash and a lot of types of accidents and i think it really symbolizes Safety. the third photo is about Bravery i chose it because i see some people are scared of something or they can't do things because they are really scared to do it but when i saw this photo it means a lot of Bravery. the last photo is about Teamwork i chose that photo because they are helping each other to achieve their goals and their helping each other. Teamwork is all about helping each other, working together and a lot of things.

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