Brook Farm

Above is the headquarters of the Brook farm. Leaded by George Ripley it was mainly based on transcendentalist beliefs.

bellow is a house of a citizen in Brook Farm. They led simple lives with little impact from society.

The above excerpt is from one of the journals printed at Brook farm. This was one of the Farm's most famous journals and was continued even after the decline of the Farm. This journal was created by Brook Farm leaders and directors as a means of elevating their statusas leaders and provide additional income.

Brook Farm summary

Brook farm was a short lived utopian experiment based on communal living. Organized and directed by George Ripley. Ripley, being a former Unitarian minister and leader in the transcendental club, wanted to combine the thinker and worker. He wanted to give them the greatest mental freedom, and create a society of liberal, cultivated persons. The farm was meant to remove the pressure of competitive institutions and be able to give people a simple life. Transcendentalists believe society corrupts the purity of the individual. They believe people are at their best when truly independent. This farm or community would allow them to live this life, which was similar to the Shakers in the aspect that both included communal living, productive labor and general equality. Brook farm is better known than most other communal farms because of the many literary and intellectual figures associated with it. Brook farm demonstrated equality for all, and it promoted transcendentalism, a philosophy of all men being created equal and living with the same inalienable rights.

Life on the farm for everyone was equal. Children went to school and learned to appreciate education and self learning. After school they would perform manual labor on the farm and learn agriculture. All people irregardless of class or occupation helped farm and cultivate in order to achieve the goal of creating a natural union between intelligence and manual labor. Due to this fact, intellectual life was stimulating on the farm. Many great thinkers such as, Emerson, Fuller, Channing and Sophia Ripley came from the farm. Equality and fairness was a big deal on the farm, since all people were seen as equal, including women and children. The farm was well ahead of its time in this sense, it showed the effects of transcendentalism and its core beliefs of equality and divinity for all. This caused an outburst of the effects of the farm to leak into other people's lifes. These ideas spread all over America and to intellectuals to promote these ideas. When Ripley founded the farm he had just this in mind, to create a communal society where society would not corrupt it's people. Despite it's later failure due to economic and agricultural failure, it was well favored and highly regarded upon by other great names. It was a miniature Great Awakening on the scale of it showing others how they could live.

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