My BrainPOP: my story!

What makes BrainPOP unique?

BrainPOP: my HERO!

BrainPOP is a step above the rest because of the ample topics they cover that span various grade levels. Many teachers get excited just over the videos and quizzes that are offered for Math, Science, Technology and Social Studies yet, there are also educator resources that help educators span beyond these features that include lesson plans, games, and additional resources for specific topics.

BrainPOP: Impact on Students

My students have loved BrainPOP for YEARS! In the beginning of my teaching career, the videos were great from just an Engage to the content, to being utilized as a review and assessment tool of what was being explored in the classroom. BrainPOP has helped my students to gain mastery on several concepts in my classroom, especially in our Science TEKS. (We are in Texas). Using the 5E Model of a concept, students have become comfortable using BrainPOP as an Elaborate and Evaluate in our Science lessons. We have also used several of the graphic organizers provided with some of the topics to expand on their knowledge, in their interactive notebooks.

ONE TIME with BrainPOP...

Within the last school year, BrainPOP was utilized actively in my classroom as an ongoing part of my Science curriculum. Several times a week students would have hands-on activities, and inquiry-based projects on topics in Science and they would have to utilize BrainPOP as one part of their experience within the lesson. One example was with adaptations of animals and plants. Understanding vocabulary is important when students learn about adaptations. Students utilized several of the BP clips and created a wanted poster of an animal or plant they learned about using BrainPOP's adaptation video clips. The description of the plant or animal was the various adaptation that organism had. Students organized their ideas using graphic organizers from the BrainPOP's activity pages.  

More than a video...oh my!

Meeting Moby was a pleasure at ISTE 2014!

After my experience with BrainPOP at ISTE, my view of BrainPOP as a whole has changed! The expansion of games, capturing students thoughts, creating your own assessments and monitoring individual student performance is incredible! Expanding to language arts and the additional reading material on topics is a great addition too. BrainPOP was never just videos for me or my students. No video is ever just a video, with the right implementation in the classroom. Understanding how much BrainPOP has just unleashed to educators changes the game for classrooms all around the country. Schools purchased the BrainPOP subscription but giving teachers the ability to personalize learning for their students and get creative, WRITTEN responses in return from kids is going to be priceless! I'm excited--can't you tell!