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Evidence: Frederick Douglass is the most awesome person from the civil war because of his gregarious personality and ability to reach out to the people to help end slavery.

Warrant 1: Douglass was a consultant for Abraham Lincoln to help convince that slaves should serve in the union to fight. In August of 1863, he went to President Lincoln to recommend equal pay for black soldiers.

Warrant 2: He was known for his efforts to end slavery and his skill at public speaking. Douglass wrote the President:

"all with whom I have thus far spoken on the subject, concur in the wisdom and benevolence of the idea, and some of them think it is practicable. That every slave who escapes from the Rebel States is a loss to the Rebellion and a gain to the Loyal Cause I need not stop to argue the proposition is self evident. The negro is the stomach of the rebellion."

Warrant 3: Douglass worked as a recruiter signing up African Americans to serve in the union army. Douglass became an admirer of President Lincoln after the Emancipation Proclamation and helped the Union Army recruit black troops with his ability to speak publicly.

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