Google Tips

Tip 1- Use quotes

When searching for something specific, use quotes to lessen the guesswork for Google. Use the quotations marks as parameters for the phrase you search for and Google will search for the words in that specific order.

Tip 2- Use asterisks

When searching for a phrase to which you don't know every single word, use an asterisk in the place of a missing word.

Tip 3- Use Google to do math

Google search can do your math for you. It can solve most any problem from the most basic to the most complex. The results to your problem will come up on a calculator.

Tip 4- Search for multiple words at once

Google knows that it won't be able to find the results that you want if you only search for one word, so it allows you to search for whole phrases, including questions.

Tip 5- Keep it simple

When you use Google, you don't have to be super specific, so take advantage of that and keep it simple when you search.