Aspects to Think through in Leasing Options for Construction Equipment Capital

AXIS Capital, Inc. headquartered in Grand Island, is a Direct Lender providing quality equipment leasing/financing services along with superior customer service, present the factors to consider in leasing options for construction equipment.

Government Policies

There are numerous government regulations concerning the lease and acquisition of equipment. OSHA also frequently updates its safety and security guidelines to avoid scam and fraud as regards the quality of equipment and machinery to be used in workplaces. Continuously upgrading your equipment will shoot your expenses in the course of the roof.

Equipment Management

Heavy equipment and construction requirements such as cranes, excavators, diaphragm pumps, huge stainless steel pipes and rigging equipment are very costly. You must keep them well, and educate the workers on how to use them. You must require employing services of professionals to manage them and control their use. Old and worn equipment is not simple to dispose. It is hard to look for buyers for used equipment and you will certainly not find the resale value commendable of the costly buy.

Warning! Purchase Is Risky

The economy is yet to discover its feet. There are not numerous big-ticket construction projects out there to validate a big buy. Cash reserves are very significant in an wobbly economy and you would do good to save your credit lines.

Leasing Finance Options

The kind of lease contract you opt for varies on some factors. You need to take into deliberation the precise requirements of your business like success, tax situation and cash flow. One more serious aspect to take into account is the length you will need the equipment for. The long-term forecasts of your business and upcoming plans also need to be taken into account.

Fair Market Value Lease

This is one of the most common choices when it comes to leasing heavy construction equipment. This is selected for in circumstances where there will be a fast decline in the price of the equipment because of the regular and penetrating use. Luxurious maintenance activities may also demonstrate essential. Numerous leasing companies deliver free services of skilled personnel for maintenance and repair work.

Dollar Buyout Lease

This leasing preference is preferred by companies or contractors meaning to purchase heavy equipment or machinery at the end of the leasing time. This arrangement permits the contractor to buy out the equipment by funds of small lease payments. Freed up working capital lets funding of aspiring growth or expansion plans. Dollar buyout lease agreement consents contractors to purchase heavy equipment for one dollar at the conclusion of the lease. Always review the dollar buyout lease.

Wrap Lease

This lease agreement permits combining some lease payments into a single, regular payment. This is the appropriate option for construction contractors who confront an unexpected necessity for new equipment. Wrap lease agreement gives agility to finance new equipment with the existing lease. Lessees are able to combine their outstanding payments and use it to finance a new lease with extra equipment. This arrangement comes useful for contractors working on vast and complex projects with impulsive needs and demands.

Sale Leaseback

Sale leaseback is a great choice if you want to affluence the weight of a recent purchase. This lets companies to sell their newly acquired equipment to another company, and then perform a leasing agreement for its use. Small and regular lease payment considers frivolously on cash reserves. It’s moreover a great way to increase capital to fund other business wits.


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