Christian Gardner

This picture was taken last year after winning an AAU basketball tournament in Erie.

NBA Basketball

One of my favorite things to do is watch NBA basketball. I love to talk about players, teams, trades, and moves. Not only do I love watching it, I love playing basketball.

Breaking Bad

My favorite show ever is Breaking Bad, I love the actors and how well the play their roles. The show and its actors have many Emmys to show for what they have done. I just finished the last episode August 27th.


I have a passion for esports which pretty much means competitive gaming. I love watching/playing competitive call of duty. My favorite team, which is pictured above, is Optic Gaming. The winner of this years Call of Duty championship raked in $400,000 for a 4 man team.


1. I have a goal to get a scholarship to college, either for sports or academics. To accomplish this I am going to keep a good work ethic for both basketball and school

2. I also have a goal to place at a Call of Duty LAN tournament someday. To accomplish this I have to get on a dedicated team and practice a lot and also have a good work ethic with this.

3. My third goal is to play varsity basketball next year as a sophomore. To do this i have to go to all the open gyms, practices, and shoot arounds. Also AAU will help get me better and keep me in shape in the offseason.

I would like to go to...

I would like to go to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. I would like to go here because I here it is a beautiful city, and I have always wanted to travel outside the country. I would probably go with my friend, Reese, and watch a game of soccer.

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