Please Don't Go

Ashley Wittersheim 4/16/14

Mom approached home
with sorrowful news today.
My dog won't be able to play.

Muscular 60 pounds,
black fur traced with brown.
Short floppy ears,
could always find her near.

Seven years passed,
no time elapsed.
Ran, rolled, and soundly slept,
soon only memories will be left.
Grew up by my side,
life transformed into
an exuberant ride.

News that cancer conquered her
tossed my mind into a jumbled blur.
Please don't go, I need you now.
To function without you,
I don't know how.

Licked away my falling tears,
while dismissing all of my fears.
Please don't go, I will be lost.
I'll pay for treatment
at any cost.

For us to be apart,
unheard of.
We fit together like a glove.
Please don't go, your part of me.
Equivalent to a car
missing keys.

Please just do
what must be done.
Right now this battle
can't be won.
I dread the time we'll be
but you've left a paw print
on my

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