Dearly Departed

By: Lia Habel

Bram and Nora

Is a beautifully twisted love story set in the Victorian Era where young ladies wear beautiful gowns and men are the head of the house hold. Looking at it from afar all seems perfect but all is not what it seems when you have a change of perspective.  

The war between Vics and Punks

War has broke out between the Vics and the rebel Punks. The land had been divided but the Punk armies are growing and demanding more and more land.  Their fighting strategies are unplanned and wild, anything they can do to survive.  But what is really going on over on the other side?

Nora Dearly (protagonist)

Nora Dearly, a young Victorian girl orphaned by a terrible disease has come home for the holidays. She knows that she has always been an odd individual preferring to learn about war tactics instead of proper educate. She knows she inherits her traits from her father and best friend, a grand scientist and doctor who's been dead for a year now. Nora will soon unveil the many secrets that he had hidden from her for so long, secrets with very dangerous consequences that have been hidden from her for her safety.    

Bram Griswold (protagonist)

Abraham (Bram) Griswold, once a poor farmer boy helping to support his mother and two young sisters has seen things that will never be able to be unseen. It all started as just another ordinary day in the mines, that's when the monsters came. hundreds of them rotting and dead coming to devour them all. he watched them kill his best friend, he fought them as best as he could and managed to get out but was bitten in the process. Now he suffers from a hidden disease spreading across the globe called the Lazarus Disease meaning rising from the dead.  

Lazarus Disease (antagonist)

Lazarus Disease commonly known as the Laz, a orally transmitted disease which kills and then reanimates the immune system causing people to rise from the dead. Unknown to the public the very first case was discovered by the one and only Dr. Dearly when a wounded soldier had literally been chewed to death. The soldier soon died only to come back a few minutes later crazy and out of control. they had no choice but to put him down. Dr. Dearly bitten himself expected to die as well but didn't. for some reason his cells refused to bend with the disease causing him to stay alive. He now had a new case to study, how to make a vaccine to stop the Laz.  


Z-Base, a military base composed of those who suffer from Laz who still have there sense of humanity and well being. It's a place where those who suffer from it can train, get special medical attention to keep them from decaying and not have to hide. They are the military's special weapon because they can fight and not worry about having them die because they are already dead. set up by Dr. Dearly to study those who are effected more closely he fakes his own death leaving his home and daughter behind. There is were Bram or more properly known as Captain Abraham Griswold studies under him learning more about what he is and how to take care of himself and his troops.

Tom, Chasity, Coalhouse and other soldiers

A special mission has been sent out to Z-Base, one that they have been scared to get sense they day they started. The call to save Dearly's daughter. How are they supposed to care for her and keep her on the base when she doesn't even know they exist? how will she react when they tell her that her father isn't really dead? Bram doesn't have all the answers but he does know that with Dr. Dearly being kidnapped by the rebels that they will go after his family next. He's willing to deal with whatever after he makes sure that she is safe, after all Dearly did save him and take him here to live freely.   

The Ambush

It was just like any other night. Nora watched her war films and laid in her fathers bed alone like every other quiet night. Until the dead start busting down the doors. walking, crawling corps all fighting to get to her. Fighting them off the best she could she ran unable to kill them. Then the men in strange military uniforms came grabbing her and taking her away. She looked at the men who had her and realized they too were dead.

Bram's room

Nora woke up in a room not her own. She was in Bram's room, the only room with locks on the inside so she could keep the dead out. On the other side Bram purposed a game, she could ask any question she wished and he had to answer truthfully and if the answer made her feel more comfortable she would undo one of the locks so that he would eventually get his room back. Through this game they began getting to know each other and eventually was comfortable enough to know that she really was safe.

Bram and Nora at the Christmas dance

It's Christmas Eve and Brams present to Nora is the feeling of being home. His heart might have stopped beating but he has not stopped feeling. But how could anyone ever feel for a monster?

Secret camp where Dr. Dearly is being held

Word's came in that Dr. Dearly has been spotted. now it's time to suit up for war to reunite him with his daughter. But what if Nora doesn't wish to be reunited with him? After all this time of him lying to her can she really ever trust him again?

Bombing of Zombies

While on the mission to save Dearly, law was passed to eliminate all living dead good and bad. Will Bram and his team make it out alive or will this be their final life?

Nora reunited with her father

After a year of thinking he was gone forever, Nora is finally back with her best friend. She is no longer an orphan. she finally has her family again, her great big dead family.

Bram coming home from the bombing

Bram and his soldiers all survived the bombings. They suffered many burns and cuts as well as missing limbs but they were alive. Although many said that they were ready to retire from the military and that they were ready to live their undead life peacefully.

Book Teaser



I was buried alive.

When the elevator groaned to a stop in the middle of the rocky shaft, I knew I was buried alive. Trapped thousands of feet below the earth’s surface and hundreds above the bottom of the shaft, dangling in a ten-by-ten foot cage over the bowels of the very mine I had been so freaking relieved to get work in.

I pulled myself to my feet and pushed my best friend Jack aside, hitting the button that controlled the elevator. I hit it again and again, wailed my fist on it. Nothing. The glass-paned lantern dangling from the ceiling flickered wildly as the kerosene within dwindled, as if it were attempting to ward off its own death with bursts of exaggerated life.

Dread became a solid, burning thing within me, something twisting my own flesh to its will, speeding my heart and making my skin slick with sweat. Before I knew it was coming up, I doubled over and retched through the grated floor. Jack sat calmly beside me as I heaved, his bloody eye sockets and the gaping wound in his throat mocking me, mocking my attempt to rescue him. He looked like some kind of hellish funhouse clown.

The dam broke, and I finally started screaming. At Jack. At God. At everything. There was nothing left to do but scream. I hadn’t screamed when the monsters had descended on us. I hadn’t screamed when I’d had to run from them, or fight them, or when I’d dragged Jack to the elevator, blood bursting from the hole in his neck. Everything had happened so quickly, it’d seemed there’d been no time to scream.

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