Tuesday: Using Alliteration to write a HEADLINE

Look at the following photographs and write ONE headline using alliteration.

Think about:

1) What the newspaper report could be about?

2) The different things or people you see in the photographs.


1) Alliteration =words that start with the same sound

2) Headline =like a title, short and grabs the reader's attention.

Wednesday: Using alliteration in a headline

Think of a headline for this photograph...

Write a headline using this letter sound...

Your job :)
1) Date and stick sheet
2) Write a headline for each picture using alliteration.
3) Use interesting words NOT boring ones like - big, small, good, nice, happy, sad...
4) Hide, Tejas, Elisa, Nynke, Balqeas & Ruby - 2 words in headline.
5) Saya, Twig, Kai, Putt & Ben - 3 words in headline.
6) Janghu - 4 words in headline.
7) Traffic lights!