Health & Fitness Gift Guide

For the Exerciser Who Has Everything

Towel that cools you off

After (or during) a hot or humid workout, dip this towel in warm water, wait a sec for while it gets nice and cool, wrap it around your neck (or wherever) and enjoy sweet relief. ($10)

Wireless headphones that keep your ears warm

These ear warmers mean never again having to choose between frozen ears or listening to music as you run or cycle. ($80)

Carrier that makes toting a yoga mat not so awkward

It’s time to get off the emotional roller coaster of trying to find a way to conveniently carry a yoga mat or stuff it into your backpack. This lightweight carrier is where it’s at. ($9.58)

Smoothie maker that blends right into your sports bottle

Scram, extraneous kitchen accessories. This all-in-one solution is convenient. ($29.59)

All of the dumbbells

You want your bod to get swole, not your household clutter. That’s where this fully adjustable dumbbell system comes in, offering a ton of variety (from three to 24 pounds in three-pound increments) without taking up a ton of room. ($149)

Sweatproof bluetooth headphones

Go ahead and sprint, jump, tumble, and practice handstands. These babies will not come out of your ears. ($169.95)

Monthly subscription to a box of surprise assorted goodies

Each month Bulu Box sends samples of of health- and wellness-related products like healthy snacks, gym gift cards, and workouts. Recipients try samples to decide what they want buy. ($10/box)

Running tracker/media player/coach/workout buddy

The Adidas Smart Run miCoach does the work of a few different devices. It allows the wearer to: access training plans created by elite coaches, track all run-related data, listen to music, and enjoy the comfort of a strapless heart-rate monitor, all in a single wrist-worn device. ($353.47)

Waterproof iPod & earbuds for underwater listening

Listen to this iPod underwater and flip-turn to your heart’s content; these earbuds are designed to stay in place during and between laps. (iPod: $125, Earbuds: $39.95)