Health Insurance - A cover to protect the pillars of our society

India is a land of traditions and culture. A culture where a child still doesn’t smoke or drink in front of his or her parents and older people of the society whom they respect a lot. These elders stand as pillars that have worked hard all their lives and contributed to the development of the nation and built such a conservative community. Though sometimes shunned by the younger community but there is much to learn from them. Some continue to be productive and work in various capacities. Most organizations give opportunity to work for these skilled manpower up to the age of 65 to 70 years often known as senior citizen. These elders should be backed up with sufficient health policies to look after their health needs and requirements. The article will guide you through why senior citizen needs health insurance policies, its benefits and some factors to be considered while buying one.

Why Health Insurance for senior citizen

Healthcare costs in India are increasing at an alarming rate. A hospitalization for a serious illness can cost upto Rs 5 lakhs or above. Besides costly medicines intakes, growing pollution, complex treatment procedures and growing age only add up to their problems in life. Therefore, it becomes even more relevant for senior citizens, because health risks increase substantially with advancing age. Unfortunately in India, the senior citizens are still under serviced as far as health policy is concerned. Increased health related risks and associated costs coupled with lower income during retirement, makes health insurance one of the most important aspects of financial planning for senior citizens.

The Indian health policy market for senior citizens is gradually growing and there are many companies that offer policies that cater to their specific needs. These policies have their own plus and minus points. It is advisable before deciding to buy a policy you should know what you want from your insurance cover. Try discussing with your friends and families, understand are you struck with similar health issues what they have been at this age and what are the possible coverage they have taken from particular insurer, do some reading yourself before making the commitment. Whatever the outcome, taking a policy for health is a great way of gifting the elderly a triumph card to extend the longetivity of their lives.

Benefits of health insurance for Senior Citizen

A health policy empowers an elderly person to go for health check-ups, financial help during emergency health problems as well as long-term medical treatment. Besides on monetary terms, a policyholder enjoys tax benefits for premiums up to a certain level under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. A good number of insurance companies in India are trying to overcome the challenges concerning the senior citizens.

Some factors seniors should evaluate while buying individual health insurance policies are:

Cover: Senior citizens need higher cover to protect their health, as with age the risk of health disorder increases. The public sector insurers usually offer lower sum insured compared to the private sector insurers.

Premiums: Premiums are obviously an important consideration in buying a health policy. Premiums charged by the private sector insurers are usually on the higher side compared to the premiums charged by the public sector insurers

Co-payment: It is better if insurance for senior citizens comes with a co-payment clause. In other words, the insured needs to share a portion of the medical expenses incurred by them. Co-payment policies differ for insurer to insurer.

Medical check-up: Some insurers require medical check-ups to be done before they issue health policies, while some insurers do not require medical check-up. Try choosing the insurer who understands your age and then sets the check-up list for you.


Health insurance is a critical cover for each person. Whether rich or poor, child or teenage, youngster or senior citizen etc. every one dreams to secure their lives atleast till they breathe on earth. Looking at the age factor for senior citizens it is bound that they might be prone to some kind of health issues. But senior citizens are the pillars of developing nation and progressive society. Insurance companies should come up with suitable insurance policies for these people so that even they have rights to live more and enjoy the beauty of life. If today we don’t protect these pillars tomorrow we will never be able to progress being refrained from gaining experiences from sound knowledge section of the society.