Health Cheat Cheat

Friday the 7th

Adult CPR

1.Check if the area is safe

2.Is the person responding

3.Activate EMS 30 compressions followed two breaths

5. and continue CPR

Child & Infant CPR:

1.Check the area is safe

2.See if the child or infant is responsive

3.Activate EMS after 5 cycles or 2 minutes of CPR

4.Do 30 comprehensions on the child one have hand on the baby use two fingers

5.Two breaths

Adult/child conscious choking

1.Ask the person,"are you choking?"

2.Activate EMS

3.Place the flat side of your fist just above the patients belly button. Grab the back of your fist with your other hand

4.Give abdominal thrusts

Infant conscious choking

1.check the scene 911

3.give 5 back blows

4.give 5 chest thrusts

5.continue in tell the baby goes unconscious or ems arrives or u get to tired

Adult/Child unconscious choking

1. check the scene

2.ask the person if there choking

3.give abdominal thrusts

Infant unconscious choking

1.check the scene 911

3.give 30 compressions with 2 fingers

4.followed by 2 breaths


1.check the scene ems

3.put pressure with a cloth then wrap and keep putting pressur on the wond bleeds through place another bandage on top


1.Turn on machine

2. Bare the chest

3.Place one pad on the patients upper right chest above the nipple. Place the other pad on the patients lower left ribs below the armpit.

4.Stand clear

5.As soon as the shock has been delivered, give 30 chest compressions followed by 2 breaths

6.AED will reanalyze every 2 minutes

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