New Heart valve replacement surgery brings hope

When 35 year old Anshul Sharma had shortness of breath and felt fatigued with only a little physical effort, he didn’t know what was about to come. A couple of years before, his doctors had told him that he was suffering from the bicuspid valve problem and would likely to need a heart valve surgery at some point of time in future. So when he was referred to a reputed heart hospital for the surgery, he was kind of prepared for it.

A thorough investigation ensues

Doctors investigated extensively and found out that Anshul was suffering from severe calcific aortic stenosis (narrowing of aortic valve). And this is why, he would sweat so profusely even with a little physical effort and his pulse rates would go up.

The heart valve replacement surgery is performed

Surgery was the solution. Doctors performed new heart valve replacement surgery, which was less invasive in nature. Doctors made a minor incision on the chest to conduct the heat valves replacement surgery.

The surgery went successful. And Anshul is leading a pretty normal life these days.

The surgery explained

During a  heart valves replacement surgery in Delhi or elsewhere, doctors make a keyhole sized incision on the chest of the patient to access the valve. The heart is stopped and a heart-lung machine takes over the blood circulation task. The affected valve is replaced with an artificial one, which could either be a mechanical valve or an artificial tissue valve. Post-surgery, the patient is monitored for complications. His or her hospital stay may last for a couple of days.

Even after the hospital stay, the patient needs support from family and friends. He or she should have to have someone around to drive him or her back to home after getting discharged from the hospital in Delhi NCR. For a smooth recovery, the family should customize the bed, toilet seat and other objects in his or her room in a way that the patient does not have to bend down or stretch to reach out to things.

Post-operative care

Don’t do what your doctor specifically tells you not to do. Avoid lifting heavy objects. Avoid smoking and drinking.

Meet your doctor as and when planned so he or she can monitor the progress or spot any complications at its very first appearance.

Last, but certainly not the least, after a heart surgery you should commit to a healthy lifestyle and bid goodbye to drinking and smoking (or at least, you should drastically cut down on your smoking and drinking intake).

Seek consultation and treatment for faulty heart valves or heart holes from a reputed heart hospital in Delhi NCR only. For more insightful articles on heart valves replacement surgery in Delhi or elsewhere or how to find the best angioplasty stenting doctor in India or in your city, please read our other articles or wait for our forthcoming ones.

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