Heartland Home Foods

Makes Eating A Healthy Diet Easy

About Heartland Home Foods

Heartland Home Foods is a leading provider of restaurant-quality foods, with delivery to homes throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. As public awareness of the essential importance of nutrition in health and well-being has grown, so has the firm. Currently the largest natural foods home delivery company in the Mid-Atlantic, Heartland Home Foods is on track to become the number one provider in the nation. The company is endorsed by physicians, nutritionists, dietitians, and personal trainers, and also has an A+ rating from the BBB.

With rigorous quality controls, including continuous inspection by the USDA, the company delivers organic vegetables, meats, and other brand-name groceries right to its customer's doorsteps. Among its products are grain-fed Black Angus beef, free-range poultry, super select pork, and sashimi grade seafood, which includes items such as salmon filets and crab cakes. Heartland Home Foods also delivers a wide variety of certified organic vegetables, as well desserts, ranging from gourmet cheesecake to all natural pies and chocolate mousse.

With a self-described 'obsession' with customer satisfaction, Heartland Home Foods brings in most of its business from customer referrals. Its success in gratifying its customers culinary needs is evidenced by it 20,000 strong customer base. Its policy of getting new clients from customer referrals frees up resources that would otherwise be dedicated to advertising, allowing the company to offer low prices on high-quality goods.

Heartland Home Foods is located in Baltimore, and it sources its food from top farms in the Mid-Atlantic region. Information on the company can be found at its website, heartlandfoods.com. Both the company website and the Facebook page, facebook.com/heartlandfoods, offer numerous delicious and nutritious recipes.

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