Independent, Non-Denominational Singapore Church

Singapore’s Heart of God Church (HOGC) has its roots in a small ministry founded by Pastor Tan Seow How and Pastor Cecilia Chan in the mid-1990s. From those humble beginnings, the church has become the spiritual home for people of all ages. Today, Heart of God Church is an independent, non-denominational church that offers four weekly services, plus a number of other programs.

The church is well known for its work with youth. It is considered a youth church in that a majority of its congregation is below the age of 25. This aspect of the church started when Pastor Cecilia Chan spotted 9 teens who were too old for the children’s church but too young for the adult service. At that time the church was still meeting in an unknown industrial park.

As the church grew, they moved their services to a bigger venue in the city. And together with the growth in numbers HOGC also continued to grow in reputation as a good youth church. With a strong emphasis on character and doing good while doing well, parents, many of whom saw the change in their children’s character have also joined the congregation. Through the church’s Academic Excellence program, which was founded by Pastor Tan Seow How in 2005, Heart of God Church youths also consistently surpass the national average in major exams.

The vision of the church is to impact “all levels of society” and “all walks of life.” Today from its East Singapore location, HOGC holds services that unite different generations. From its family mission trips and targeted Connect Groups to sermon series addressing marriage and relationships, Heart of God seeks to create a warm community with a strong spiritual foundation that encourages its members to make a difference in their world.