Heath Berkowitz: Are you a beginner in guitar? visit us to learn more to be a professional guitarist

Heath Berkowitz: Are you a beginner in guitar? visit us to learn more to be a professional guitarist

The guitar playing allows many shades and effects tablature gives us the opportunity to transcribe faithfully with very precise notation symbols. Heath Berkowitz Office Location Here you will address these main effects to perfect your knowledge of reading tablature and learn the same play.

These effects you will study are:

Bend the Hammer on the Pull off, Slide, Vibrato.

All sound examples that follow are in MIDI format, but MP3. As MIDI, this format is recognized by many media players such as Windows Media Player or Winamp.

The bend is an effect that is pull the string with the finger with which the clamp to change the pitch of the note you are playing.

the benders tablature notes are represented by a vertical arrow followed by an annotation of the type Full or half that indicates the intensity with which it must bender rope.

Just know that the Full annotation means that we must pull the rope to ring one tone higher, Heath Berkowitz Office Location that is to say a higher rating (Do a full bend in becoming a D) and annotations ½ and ¼ are proportional in intensity compared to full bend.

At first trust your ear to reproduce the intensity of the bend shown in tablature.

For many bender rope, hold the finger plucks the string firmly on the handle and push with the rope to slide laterally or towards the rope from top or towards the bottom rope as if you were them together.

By doing this you increase the tension in the string that sounds more acute.
bend on guitar
download the bend

In this example you must realize two bends.

> Dupremier start to play the first note in box 5 with your index finger, Heath Berkowitz Office Location then play the second box 8 with your finger that you benderez rope background trying to close as possible to the top rope.

> Dusecond, help you as you place your ring in box 7 to serve you support finger. You run the second bend concluded that the example with the index but with a much lower intensity dupremier.

The hammer on and pull off were grouped in the same example as it is in fact the same effect.

Both effects are to play in only two successive notes scratching rope once.

To understand first explain the hammer on:

On the tablature showing the hammer on with an arc that connects two notes together with a H below the tablature.

In the following example we can see several hammer on that start and finish in box 3 box 5. This means that one must play the note in box 3 in the normal way by putting his finger on the box and scratching the rope once, then you will immediately place your ring in box 5 by pressing your finger firmly on the rope to ring the rope without having to scrape again.

The pull off is in the same operation (we just replace H by a P on the tabs) but in the other direction as if a hammer is always on the low to high, the pull off is always the 'acute to the grave. We can see that the pull off in our example are actually hammer on backwards.

To achieve these pull off, start by placing your ring in box 5 and forefinger in box 3, Heath Berkowitz Office Location then play the first note normally and quickly lift your finger to let it ring the second note in box 3.

This example is built on the principle of ascent / descent with hammer on uphill and downhill pull of.

To perform this exercise easily you are advised to make a permanent crossed in box 3 with your index finger (see Chapter chord diagrams) that will help you follow up the hammers and pull off more smoothly.

The slide has a common point with the hammer on:

he can play two successive notes are scraping the rope once, but it also allows to do it with one finger.

It represents the current slide (like legato) with an arc above the notes, a slash between the notes and the words sl. below the tablature.

If we take the example of the slide box 3 box 5,Heath Berkowitz Office Location just play the first note in the normal way with his forefinger and then drag it to the box 5 through Box 4 while maintaining finger still firmly on the rope.
Ditto for the reverse of the box 5 to box 3.


Vibrato as its name suggests is a technique used to vibrate the notes you play.

Attention, we are talking about the vibrato effect that is produced with the fingers of his right hand and not the effect with the vibrato team some models of electric and acoustic guitars.

It represents the vibrato effect using a sinusoidal line above the tablature.

To make a vibrato, just play the note by'' shake'' the cord with your finger must itself perform as a dither motion while remaining firmly pressed against the handle.
Listen to the example for better understanding.

You now have all the knowledge needed to properly play simple tabs, you can go to the chord diagram where you learn what scoring system that will let you play your first chords section.

For each chord diagram studied its equivalent in tablature is indicated vis-à-vis or below in order to perfect your knowledge of this scoring system.

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