Heather Shoemaker - Civil Law Expert

Attorney Heather Shoemaker of Wyoming is an experienced law professional that is based out of the city of Cheyenne. She has been actively practicing in the field for over a decade. She is a graduate of the University of Wyoming College of Law, where she received her law degree in early 2004. From there she applied for the state’s bar exam, an achievement that was made that same year. From that point she started to practice immediately when she became an Associate at the Law Offices of Vernon Dill. It wasn’t long before she determined that her path would be a practice in criminal and civil law.

After a couple of years, she moved on to start her own practice, working out of her home for a brief period of time, then establishing a small law office in the heart of Cheyenne. Heather Shoemaker Wyoming was then able to focus on her chosen path or criminal law and civil rights. This is an always evolving field that requires extreme dedication and it is indeed a passion of Shoemaker’s own interest.

She spends countless hours working at her craft, working on cases for her clients, studying on the constantly emerging changes in legal procedures and much more. Shoemaker knows that details make all the difference and in situations that are legal in nature, details can make or break a case easily. She is proud to be focused on these types of cases in the state of Wyoming, which as a western state is boldly moving towards the cause of freedom and individual responsibility.

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