Advances in Food Genetics
By Tahya Stewart

What are Genetically Modified Foods?

       Genetically Modified foods or GM foods are foods that have been altered by science in some way. GM foods have changes made to there DNA for a beneficial reason. When foods are genetically modified, the traits of the food can be chosen. The foods could be changed to stay fresh longer, or the foods could be changed to have more proteins in them.

Cons of Genetically Modified(GM) Foods:

        When it comes to GMOs, there are many concerns. One con is that people have a greater chance of being allergic to the food because the proteins that are added to the food don't occur in the food naturally. Another con to genetically modified foods is that there hasn't been much testing done on GMOs. Some long term effects of GM foods are unknown. A third con to GMOs is that there is a fear that they could cause diseases because some GMOs are modified with bacteria. The final con is that GM foods cancause an environmental risk because the other plants around them aren't familiar with the modified plants.

Pros of Genetically Modified(GM) Foods:

        Although Genetically Modified foods have many cons, they also have many pros. One pro is that GM crops are pest resistant, and they are still safe to eat. Another pro is that GM crops can produce larger crop yields. Genetically Modified crops can withstand extreme and fluctuating weather conditions if they are engineered to do so. GM foods also stay fresh and last longer. It is also said that GM food have a better taste than foods that are not modified. The last pro of GM foods is that they can be engineered to have more proteins which could make people healthy.


        In conclusion, it seems that GM foods have more pros than cons. Even though there are more pros, the cons that are present are very serious. I think there needs to be more testing on GM foods. People have different reactions to GM foods. Some people are okay with GM foods, some people dislike GM foods, and some people don't know enough about GM foods to decide whether they like GMOs or not.

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