Heaven and Hell

Adelle Blankinship

Heaven vs. hell is a symbolic archetype. Many places in nature are associated with the dwelling locations of gods and demons. For example, the skies, clouds, and mountains  house the gods while canyons, caves, and inner earth house the evil forces of the world such as demons. Heaven is typically associated with light and nature while hell is correlated with fire, demons, evil, and the unfamiliar places of the earth.

Heaven and hell are different in many ways. Basically the exact opposite. The most common leader of heaven is God and is administrated by angels.  It is seen as a place of peace and happiness where only a select few of humans go to after their life. Unlike heaven, hell is perceived as a place for pain and punishment that is dark and hot. Hell is governed by the devil or a dark figure and administrated by demons. Some more symbols for heaven are the color blue, clear sky, and the sun. Some more symbols for hell include the color black, fire, and heat.

Many views of heaven and hell are seen throughout many stories and religions. The Greeks, for example, believed Elysian fields was a heavenly place where heroes would go after death. On the other hand, Tartarus was their hell where the wicked was punished. The ruler of the underworld was Hades. Although each perception has a different view and story on the after life, they are all very similar with the idea of a heaven and hell.