Disaster Strikes Nepal! (Group)

On April 25th 2015 a devastating earthquake hit in Nepal near Kathmandu killing more than 8,000 people. The 7.8 magnitude quake destroyed millions of homes and buildings putting millions of people out on the streets.

What exactly is an earthquake?

Earthquakes are caused when the plates that make up earth surface press together,and  slip past each othhuhuher or break. The point where the slip or break starts is called the  hypocenter or focus. When the plates break or shift it releases energy and Seismic waves travel up to the Epicenter and starts vibrating  everything on the surface of the earth. Earthquakes can also be caused when magma spouts up through earths mantle and erupts through the surface of the earth.

Why did the Earthquake happen in Nepal?

Since Nepal is so close to the Himalayan Mountains and Mount Everest,there is a lot of tension and pressure on the tectonic plates near there. In this case two plates the India and the Eurasian pushed together over time creating and breaking over a fault line causing an earthquake.

What are the effects of the quake?

An estimated 530,000 houses were destroyed due to the earthquake. The quake also claimed many Hindu religious structures that have been standing for hundreds of years. The reason for buildings in Kathmandu crumbling the way that they did was because. The people of Nepal often built their own houses and religious structures (to show dedication and passion for their god). So their buildings bases are not as sturdy as these buildings we have here in America.

Below is picture  of the Durbar Square located in the heart of Kathmandu before and after the earthquake. This building was used as a palace for the Nepalese royalty during the medieval times.  

Difficulty with help efforts

Because Nepal is located in a very mountainous region being near the Himalayas and all. It is . So people have actually started backpacking on foot over the mountains to bring supplies to the devastated areas that need it. Also it is very hard to get needed machinery out past the mountains so they have to use other alternatives for clearing rubble like by hand or using elephants.

Swimming Pool during the Earthquake


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