The Sui, Song, And Tang, Dynasty's

Ancient China

Sui Dynasty:

They ruled from 589-616

A short lived dynasty , The rulers included Wendi, and Yang Di

The Government was a bureaucracy

Was a troubled dynasty. Had lots of rebellions, was unstable

Although the dynasty  was able to build the Grand Canal, a 1000 mile long waterway

Tang Dynasty:

They ruled from 618 to 907

Rulers included Taizong, Wu Zhao, Xuanzong

Government established one capital at Chang'an and another at luoyang

They had only woman emperor in Wu Zhao. This dynasty expanded chinese influence greatly. Great prosperity and cultural acheivment.

Tang artists mad lively figurines and were really artistic.

Song dynasty:

Ruled from 960-1279

Capital at Kaifeng

Had a very Centralized government

Held exams, if you passed you became scholar-officials

Produced many revered chinese poets

Women shoe-binded to make there feet smaller as was seen more beautiful in Song society.

Reformed civil service examination system.

Created the  movable type

This is Emperor Gaozong of the tang dynasty.