philosophical approach

Philosophical is mainly about human nature, good vs. evil and morals of the novel or works of literature.


This was my first non-literature text that i thought would be a great example of good v.s evil. the evil guy, Ja'Far, got punished due to his evil ways. He got put into a lamp for life. Aladdin, therefore, was good so he got rewarded with a princess wife and became Salton.


In the video game Super Mario 64, the same common question is applied to this game. The evil guy is Bowser who kiddnapps the princess . Due to his evilness, he gets defeated by Mario and dies. because of Mario's heroic abilities, he gets rewarded with being with the princess.


The other film that i chose was Transformers. This film was a good example of good vs. evil. The Decepticons were the evil robots all they wanted to do was destroy the humans, so they got killed and destroyed at the end of each movie. The Autobots, however, did good things so they got rewarded with the gift of staying on earth and being able to protect humans.


The first work of literature that i thought would be a great example of showing the philosophical approach was the Cinderella stories. the good, Cinderella, was rewarded with a better life then before and a prince. the evil, the stepmother and, in some stories the evil sisters or the stepmothers cohorts get punished as well.


The next piece of literature that i found to to a good example of the archetypal approach that i chose was Oedipus Rex. This was a good example because the good guy was Creon and he got rewarded with becoming king while Oedipus, became evil overtime and got punished with blindness and eventually death


The last literary device was a recent book read in class was Macbeth. This is another good example of the philosophical approach. the evil guy was Macbeth. He too became evil over time and suffered the punishment for that and that was death. Meanwhile Malcolm gain great rewards. He was crowned king

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