Narrative Poem/ Howards-6/ November 4, 2013


Maddison withe the short, but green hair, Maddison of the hazel eyes, Maddison whose personality is as crazy as it gets, is a girl that's not clear to read, impatient but will wait till the end, appears rude but is actually nice, the kind of girl that if you don't have a smile she'll give you her's, is a girl that will do anything to be loved.

Maddison the girl between becoming a woman and being a little girl, the girl with the eyes the color of a warm autumn night, a girl with a smile as big as Texas because, even tho someone might not be the nicest person ever, forgive them, for god forgives us of our sins.

Maddison inside that watermelon head, inside those Steve Madden boots, inside that teenage body is a girl whos just trying to find color in this black and white world

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