Ferguson: Michael Brown, Unarmed Black Teen, Shot and Killed by Police Ofiicer

Does the cop who shot Michael Brown deserve the presumption of innocence? Of course he does. Just as Michael Brown does.

The difference is the cop who shot him will be protected and have his day in court. And that’s why people are angry.

Mike Brown is dead. He is dead for no reason. He is dead because a police officer saw a 6-foot-4, 300-plus-pound black kid, and miscalculated the level of threat. To be black in this country is to be subject to routine forms of miscalculated risk each and every day. Black people have every right to be angry about being mistaken for predators when really they are prey. The idea that they would show no rage as they accrete body upon body – Eric Garner, John Crawford, Mike Brown (and those are just our summer season casualties) — is the height of delusion. It betrays a stunning lack of empathy, a stunning refusal of people to grant the fact of black humanity, and in granting our humanity, granting us the right to the full range of emotions that come with being human. Rage must be expressed. If not it will tear you up from the inside out or make you tear other people up.

Nothing makes white people more uncomfortable than black anger. But nothing is more threatening to black people on a systemic level than white anger. It won’t show up in mass killings. It will show up in overpolicing, mass incarceration, the gutting of the social safety net, and the occasional dead black kid. Of late, though, these killings have been far more than occasional. We should sit up and pay attention to where this trail of black bodies leads us.

All of this is only the tip of the iceberg.

“This isn’t what Ferguson is about,” said one resident of Ferguson, Shante Duncan, 33. “This is a good community. There are lots of people on the ground doing good work, but you never hear about any of it.”

The last moments of Michael Brown’s life were filled with shock, fear and terror, says a witness who stood just feet away as a police officer shot and killed the unarmed teen.

“I saw the barrel of the gun pointed at my friend,” said Dorian Johnson, 22. “Then I saw the fire come out of the barrel.”

Brown’s killing on Saturday afternoon has sparked protests and rioting in this small, hardscrabble suburb of St. Louis, where tensions continue to rise between the police and the largely black, mostly poor community. Brown’s shooting lifted the lid on a pot that had long been bubbling .

Meanwhile, the identity of the police officer involved in the shooting has not yet been identified. It is known, however, that the officer who shot Brown has been placed on paid administrative leave .

We are not born into racism. We do immediately  discriminate people for not looking like we do, or act how we act. We do not became clones of our parents from the second we leave the womb. Black teens spoke out on twitter, using the hashtag #iftheygunnedmedown and #whichpicturewouldtheyuse, showing the real truth of racism.

The Ferguson Police Department had no regards to the equality or democracy of the peaceful, need I say again, unarmed protestors. As was before mentioned, white anger against black people can do so much damage, and all for what? To show that we don't think of black people as equals? To show that there is no such thing as democracy when you give a military gun to a police officer? The FPD completely alienated the rights and freedom of assembly every US citizen is granted, with no regard to the shrapnel that will come with the damage. This wasn't the police containing a riot, this was a genocide.  

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