The Dragon
Moto: Your Head is Free

Black: The Death of the people that fought for their freedom.

Red: The Blood the people lost in war.

Eagle: Freedom of Everyone.

White: The Pureness of the country.

Stripes: The Straightness of how the country will be.

Diamond: How Rich the country will be.

Together: Health


The Dragon



The name of this country will be The Dragon



The purpose of this country is to provide Freedom,Safety, School, Rights, Deadness, Examples may include: Provide a sense of community; Maintain academic freedom; Promote leadership, and be able to have opportunities.


Citizens need to be born in our country or show great love and appreciation for country to be considered citizens. Citizens are required to fight when needed and to care for the people and the country. The people are free to do what they want but need to support in times of need. They need to pay a small tax to pay for the resources being used by the soldiers.


The President will look over everyone to make sure things are running smoothly. The country will have a Democracy and be equal in power. Elections will be each year and will be voted on by the people. Every human being over the age of 25 will be able to vote. The president can only have certain limit to his power. He will be able to do thing but other people such as his committee which is also appointed by the people will help the president. The committee can take the role of president from the president if needed.


The government has to take care of the people. Govern the country and make sure everything is running smoothly. the call the shots in war and have great responsibilities. The government promises that everyone will be safe and will be safe in the country. The people

will need to vote on people and will need to have greater power and will vote on everything.


1) Every Tuesday will be Taco Tuesday, but it will be those good Mexican tacos, not the American hard shell tacos.

2) Every person will have free will and will be able to go anywhere they want when they want

3) People will not be segregated and everyone will have same and equal rights.

4) No person will be watched or be listened to without the person's consent.

5) Every person will have the freedom to express themselves in any way they choose.

6) You can not kill or threaten anybody.

7) You will not have any relation with anybody but your spouse or your fiance.

8) Any crimes committed against God the Dragon will be sent to jail or be killed.

9) All crimes will be tried at court with a completely fair trial.

10) All criminals are entitled to their freedom of speech and can have their own lawyer.


public and free education . yes it will be free education. no they dont have to pay for it unless they want unless they want too. nothing.


our symbol is going to be an eagle that represents freedom . the diamond means richness ,stripes mean straightness ,white mean pureness ,eagle means freedom,black means death ,and red means blood .all together means health.


We will be protected by our Dragon.

the Dragon

Figure Head


He is as powerful as a dragon. He can do anything and can protect the world from all harm. He is all good and will always help everyone. He can even tame dragons. He is greater than everyone else and will care for all his people.

Story Of Our Leader

Our great and amazing leader had a strange and odd origin. From the moment he was born everyone saw the greatness in him. Maybe it was because he had the power to summon dragons and had the strength and speed of ten thousand men. His entire child hood was spent alone in the mountains with the wise men in order for him to master his special abilities. Then there was trouble in the world when the Vultures, as they call themselves, started uprising and taking over everything. Obviously our great protector, Muhammad, went in and tried stopping this abomination. Muhammad brought an army of dragons and brave soldiers to combat the devils. He was amazing and won but devils came back stronger and tougher. Our great leader created a rebellion against the horrible beast. He and his graceful dragon now protect and keep their people safe from all harm and violence. Our brave men now protect our people and try to defeat the beast of men. Our great leader tries to convert the citizen of the evil land to come to our side so that we can show them the real ways. Our great leader now looks over everybody to make sure they are safe and strong. He loves everyone and if anybody dies for good causes such as in battle protecting our people they will earn a place by his side and will be granted freedom and anything they want. Our leader is not a God but he does have powers like one and has even worked with them to try and solve problems. He is now a great leader that protects and helps everybody in times of need he goes in each battle in the effort to stop the enemy. Muhammad is and will always be our leader.

Nation Anthem:

Dragon Country:

Oh our dragon, our mighty savior and healer. You will always help and protect us. He is the greatest one in the air. Our leader helps and protects him. He is great and will always do good and greatness. And around the world they will always know his name.

Oh our dragon, our mighty savior and healer. You will always help and protect us. He is the greatest one in the air. Our leader helps and protects him. He is great and will always do good and greatness. And around the world they will always know his name.

His name is Muhammad.


AL's Toutrue Room

AL is a horrible place to be. They torture all of their prisoners. AL has even tortured people just for having an imagination. They have no rights. Everyone can be tortured or killed for doing something different. Everybody in AL is a mindless animal because they were brained washed and was tortured. They are doing bad things that are inhuman and will harm a lot of people. AL needs to be stopped. They are killing innocent people including children. They have harmed babies and even elderly people. How can they keep on going like this without doing anything about it? Their government has brain washed and tricked them into believing that everything is okay, that absolutely nothing is wrong. The people have been scared and terrified into doing everything the way that AL wants it. They are horrible beast. How can they keep on doing this it wrong and cruel? AL is horrible and if anybody says anything bad about them they are tortured and probably killed. If you commit a crime you are tortured and can be killed. After you are tortured they still can and will fine you anywhere from two-hundred, to ten thousand dollars. It might be the most terrible place to live. People there are worked for hours without rest. They have to work endlessly and if not then they are tortured and or killed. People of higher class have to go each day and show how much they really appreciate their country. They will even make them kill themselves just to prove that they are loyal and would do anything for their country. If they don’t do what they are told then they will be tortured and will have to pay a fine. People of high class that work with the government cannot be killed they are only tortured and then pay a fine.


BY: Elian Estrada and Isaac Rocha

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