Helene Eversbusch

Executive Recruiter, MIT Alum and Songwriter

About Helene Eversbusch

Helene Eversbusch most recently worked at Monster Worldwide, formerly known as Johnson, Smith & Knisley in New York City and Atlanta. As an executive recruiter, and Principal with the firm, Eversbusch sourced and hired general counsel, management consultants, and other senior management for some of the world’s largest companies.

Prior to joining Monster Worldwide, Helene Eversbusch worked as a product manager for AT&T in New Jersey, where she coordinated technical and marketing staff and ensured that products met customer needs. She also oversaw beta testing and change control and managed contract development. Early in her career, she supervised R&D at the world-renowned AT&T Bell Labs in Holmdell, NJ and worked as a creative director in Frankfurt, Germany at two of Europe's first 3-D computer graphics production houses, developing films and TV advertisements for European TV Broadcast.

Helene Eversbusch studied at some of the world’s most prestigious institutions of higher learning, including Wellesley College and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she received the UROP Grant twice and participated in visual effects software development. In 1997, she was recognized as a "Pioneer in Computer Graphics Development" for some of her early research at SIGGAPH, the Association of Computing Machinery's sub chapter on computer graphics, in Anaheim, CA.

In her spare time, Eversbusch enjoys songwriting; her songs have earned semifinalist status in several song writing contests, including "The Song of the Year Contest" and "The UK Songwriting Contest." Twelve years ago, she started the Solid Rockers, a band formed from a children’s church choir, which she continues to support though she no longer serves as its director. Her charitable interests include City of Refuge, a homeless shelter, Atlanta Missions, a group that provides food for citizens of Atlanta and Street Grace which provides assistance to survivors of human trafficking.

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