Hello My Name Is JaNia!

                  Hi, my name JaNia! In my free time, I like to sing ,dance and film and edit in my free time. My favorite band is 5sos, and that's pretty much all i listen to. I love to watch youtube, so I can see the different editing styles they have. That's what I plan to go to college for, filming and editing. Sooooooo yeah, there's a little bit about me!

These, are some of my best friends. We love to hang out together, go shopping, and just chill out. But, as this picture shows, we're DySfUnCtIoNaL <3


                         Random 5 Facts!

1. My favorite colors are Maroon, ,mint,, and blue

2.I'm kind of obessed with Youtubers

3. I haaaate when people serch for parking spots. Like seriously if you see one, take it!

5. History is my least favorite subject.

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2 years ago

That's great that you already know what you want to do in the future, and that you are taking the time to work on skills for your future career.