Henryk Gudas

Delivers Exceptional Construction Work

About Henryk Gudas

An innovative general contractor whose work has been featured in such magazines as Connecticut Home and Garden, Henryk Gudas builds and renovates homes in the United States and beyond. With many years of hands-on experience in the finish carpentry and construction industries, he understands the importance of delivering work on time and within budget. Nevertheless, Henryk Gudas always devotes meticulous attention to detail and delivers the highest possible level of craftsmanship to every job he undertakes.

Henryk Gudas learned basic carpentry skills from his family, which also taught him the construction trade and general business skills. He approaches each new job with confidence in his ability to coordinate the many elements of both commercial and residential construction projects. Gudas communicates comfortably and effectively with all stakeholders in a project, including architects, designers, engineers, craftsmen, and, most importantly, clients.

A dedicated family man, Henryk Gudas looks forward to the time he can spend with his children. He also stays active through recreational activities such as swimming, kayaking, and bicycle riding. Also a world traveler, he enjoys sampling the variety cuisines the world has to offer.

Types of Building Ventilation Systems

A builder and general contractor, Henryk Gudas has extensive knowledge of building construction. When working on a project, Henryk Gudas considers many factors that are important to the building’s energy efficiency and practicality. One of these factors is the building’s ventilation system.

A good ventilation system helps maintain air quality inside the building. It should be effective as well as energy efficient. There are a number of ventilation systems that are commonly used in buildings.

With an exhaust system, the air inside the building is depressurized, and air enters the home passively through vents. Some advantages of this type of system are that it is relatively inexpensive and simple to install. It works well in cold climates, but does not work as well in warmer climates, where moist air drawn into wall cavities may cause damage.

Another type of system is a supply system. This type of system uses a fan to pressurize the building and force outside air inside. It is relatively inexpensive and easy to install, and it provides greater control than exhaust systems. However, it does not reduce moisture in incoming air, and therefore might cause moisture issues, especially in colder climates. Outside air might need to be mixed with indoor air before entering a room in order to prevent drafts.

A balanced system strives to remove air from the building and introduce new air into the building equally. It reduces some problems associated with the previous two systems, but is often more expensive to install. In addition to these options, other ventilation options may be available. A building expert can help determine the best choice for a particular building.

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