Blood Diamond

Child Soldiers

Often movies reflect some important issues in our world and “Blood Diamond” was no exception. In this incredible movie directed Edward Zwick one social issue is shown in the story: child soldiers. This issue has existed for a long time and unfortunately, still exist today.

The story takes place in Sierra Leone a country in West Africa. It is 1999, during the civil war, where Archer, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, is serving a prison sentence for trafficking. He meets Solomon Vandy, a Mende fisherman who was torn from his family and was forced to work in a diamond mine. Moreover, is son was taken and was now a child soldier. When working in the mine Solomon found an extremely rare pink diamond that he has hidden. Accompanied by Maddy Bowen, an idealistic journalist, the two men are going on the rebel territory to get back the diamond and Solomon’s child.

Even though it’s not what the movie focus on, it’s still part of the story. During the story we can see how awful the rebels treat the child soldiers. First of all, they take children away from their family. After that, they give them drugs, alcohol and brainwash them for their own interest. On top of that, they give them deadly weapons to kill. Finally, they go back to their original village to kill some members of their family.

In conclusion, child soldiers is an important issue that we all need to be aware of. These children could of have a wonderful life with their friends and family, but instead they don’t even know they exist because they are drunk and on drugs all day. Even if I saw this in a movie, this isn’t fiction and it’s pathetic to see that some places in the world still do this today.

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