Got The Monsoon Wanderlust? Here are 3 Destinations You Can Explore

Rain pattering on your window pane is an invitation to get out and explore the best monsoon destinations in India. And if you didn’t already know there are amazing places that become irresistible in monsoons. Here is a list of some of those awesome places that you can check out while the weather stays romantic.

Caveat: The monsoons are notorious for causing landslides and vast devastations in hilly areas. If you are heading off to a hill station you should check out local conditions before packing your bags.

# 1: Jeep Safari & Rafting in Jim Corbett Park, Uttarakhand
Jim Corbett is a dream destination for wildlife lovers. There is so much to do and watch there. And since its just 6 hours from Delhi, you can head over to Delhi, book serviced apartments in Delhi and head out for a day filled with adventure. During monsoons the Kosi River is at its deepest and is perfect for rafting, and when you are not in the water, you can always take the jeep safari and go find wildlife. There isn’t going to be a boring moment when you are in Jim Corbett. Also, the local cuisine has a good variety to keep you interested.

# 2:Grand view from the Monsoon Palace in Udaipur, Rajasthan
They say the best time to visit the Monsoon Palace in Udaipur is during the monsoons. Once the cityscape gets a through washing down, the view becomes too good to miss, and even travellers from all over the world fly down to the city to enjoy a few days in Udaipur. Also, there is a royal menu to sample from. And if you love watching the rain, head off to the grand lakes in the city to watch rain play its visual orchestra on the lake’s surface.

# 3: Milky waterfall in a sea of green in Mollem, Goa
As rains replenish natural water sources, the rivers and waterfalls all over the country get a new lease of life. Countless metric tons of water come tumbling down streams and where they meet an edge in the landscape it releases into a tumultuous fall that sizzles and roars with power. One such place where you can see a monsoon fall in action is Mollem, Goa. Book your accommodations at one of the furnished apartments in Pune and you have a drive that’s shy of 9 hours. On your way to Goa, you can check out several costal locations and make the most of your drive.

We are sure there are many more places that you can name off the top of your head but the three we mentioned are worth checking out for sure.

Author Bio: Explore the best monsoon travel destinations while the rain gods are at it. Here are three locations worthy of your time and money; just pack your bags, book accommodation at serviced apartments in Delhi and you are all set. Read to know more.