Hermann Diehl

Miami Chiropractor Dr. Hermann Diehl

About Hermann Diehl

Dr. Hermann Diehl is a skilled chiropractor, currently practicing at Red Bird Chiropractic PA in Miami, Florida. He helps clients achieve a healthy lifestyle through the Core 4: the integration of function, fitness, nutrition, and education. As a leader in his field, he has lectured widely at a number of colleges in Florida and across the country. Dr. Hermann Diehl is the author of the books Better Energy, Better Grades and The Success Sequence. For additional information on his current practice and the Core 4 approach, visit www.Miami.ElevationHealth.com

Educated at Parker College of Chiropractic, Dr. Hermann Diehl earned his doctor of chiropractic in 1993. While completing his education, he served as a member of Delta Sigma Chi fraternity and participated in Toastmasters. Since establishing his career as a chiropractor, he has appeared on numerous radio shows and even hosted a chiropractic show on television. In his local community, he belongs to the Coral Gables Rotary Club.

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