People I admire

I admire a lot of people. These people did incredible actions : they rose for change and equality, they discovered unknown worlds, they saved the humanity from many dangers... And they still make us dream. With them, nothing is impossible. You just have to work hard, to have determination and to never give up.

Here's some little biographies of people that I think they are heroes, real heroes.

1 - Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill was certainly one of the most important men that influenced the XXth century. He's famous for standing against Hitler's threat to control Europe, but he did really more than that in his very busy life. This life was very uncommon, with periods of extreme success and periods of massive reject and depression (he called that his "Black Dog"). His greatest defeat was the battle of Dardanelles (a huge massacre caused by a strategy error), but he did exploits too : he said that he would never let the United Kingdom join the Nazis, and was honest toward the population : "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat."

2 - Louis Pasteur

Louis Pasteur was a genius of science. He did not just created the vaccine against the rabies, he understood how it works. He was the first scientific to discover that, and he did it overcoming obstacles (scepticism of other scientists, dead of many of his children). He had to work with perseverance and determination to move from his little laboratory at Ulm street to the Science College in Lille (dean in 1854) and to finally, go to the Science Academy in 1862 and the Medicine Academy in 1873. His continuous work changed the medicine and the world : it made them better.

3 - Neil Amstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin

You perhaps just know Neil Amstrong among those three names, but Buzz Aldrin (pilot of lunar modules) and Michael Collins (astronaut) were also part of the Apollo 11 mission. This team of brave astronauts did something that nobody did before them : they (Michael and Neil) walked on the moon. Hergé's (Destination Moon, 1953 - Explorers on the Moon, 1954), Mélies' (A trip to the moon, 1902), Jules Verne's (From the Earth to the Moon, 1865), Wells' (The First Men in the Moon, 1901) and a lot of people's dream has been accomplished. Mister Cool and his friends also taught us that the world were unexplored and allows us to dream about other planets and universes... Nothing is impossible with them !

They did a "small step for a man" but "one giant leap for mankind".

4 - Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela did save millions of men from the Apartheid, the horrible segregation system which was created centuries ago, in 1652, by the white colons who wanted to dominate black people. With the African National Congress, Mandela fought against the atrocities committed against black people. He was send to jail because he took actively part to the civil war, but then tried to bring everyone back together, abolish the Apartheid and make everyone equal in a peaceful way. He was the first black president of South Africa and receive the Nobel Prize of Peace. His hard life was entirely consecrated to the others, to the equality. He was more than generous, because he did not just tried to destroy the Apartheid system, he tried to reconcile black and white people : he was a real hero.

5 - Christian de Duve

Christian de Duve was a Belgian scientist who won the Physiology Nobel Prize in 1974 for his work on the cells. He has been greatly devoted to his work during his life, creating and working with two different laboratories, one in the USA and the other one in Belgium. His discoveries are very important for modern medicine and biology, and he helped for the children's rights cause. Another admirable thing is the fact that he chose to be euthanize. He thought that he accomplished his life and took this brave decision. It's not accessible to everyone and it's really courageous.

6 - Greenpeace Activists

In September 2013, 28 activist from the Greenpeace association were arrested by the Russian government. They were considered pirates, but in fact they just climbed on a Russian oil rig to protest against oil exploitation in the North Pole. They knew the risk of their mission, but they took the risk for a good cause : the protection of the Arctic and the environment. After staying more than two months in jail, because of the pressure of the global public opinion and the United Nations' one, the Russian government freed them. It have certainly been a demanding experience for those people, but they tried to overcome the obstacles with courage and determination.

7 - Emile Zola

Emile Zola was a french writer and journalist. In 1894, the Captain Dreyfus was convicted of treason, but in fact it was unjust : he was not the true culprit and had been accused because he was jude. Zola had been outraged by this demonstration of antisemitism and corruption of the French Justice, and stood up for Dreyfus' cause. He wrote a very famous article entitled J'accuse in the newspaper called L'Aurore, in which one he denounced the perverting of the national institutions like the court-martial (where Dreyfus had been convicted). Thank to Zola and the "dreyfusards" (name of the people who stood up for Dreyfus), the truth finally came out, and Dreyfus was found no guilty, but the real culprit was acquitted too. Emile Zola is a hero because he didn't fear to protest against a corrupted government and to stand up against injustice and antisemitism.

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This is really fantastic luca! What a great post! I had just asked for one but this is really amazing!

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Thank you very much ! I would perhaps add some new heroes next week...