What Are Hurricanes

Definition- A tropical, violent wind storm that starts near the equator

How Does it Form?

  • Hurricanes need 80-82 degrees Fahrenheit water for the energy
  • Very strong winds, but the middle of the storm called the ¨eye¨ has calm winds
  • Winds come together and force air upwards, then once above the storm it pushes out to make the storm get bigger
  • Humid air rising make clouds above the storm
  • Finally wind comes from outside of the storm and lets the storm ¨move¨
  • Starts in the ocean
  • Wind needs to be at higher speed that what is normal

What is in a Hurricane?

  • Highest wind can be around 150-160 miles per hour winds, and the lowest can be around 60-80 miles per hour
  • Very high amounts of precipitation(rain, or hail)
  • Warm water and cold air(or a cold front) which then leads to a cyclone(hurricane) and stationary fronts(lots of rain)
  • Air pressure starts to get lower and lower when the wind speed starts to pick up
  • The ¨energy¨ of the hurricane starts to loose power when it hits land, because the water gives gives hurricane power or energy, but the hurricane is still deadly

How Can We Survive Hurricanes

  • Always watch the news because the news and scientists have a Doppler radar which tells if there is a hurricane in coming
  • Try and have a stronger garage door built, because most of the home wrecks start from the garage and it can destroy so much
  • Raising houses to bigger elevations(higher areas) or further away from the water or coast
  • Stay away from glass, things like doors, windows, etc...
  • Have a phone or radar handy just if the T.V dies out from power outage
  • Keep all curtains or windows closed
  • Clear all debris(things that are just laying around that could damage or break your house and even injure you or others
  • Humans have adapted to this weather storm majorly because we are not only prepared scientifically with the radar and ready just by ourselves by everything I listed

Hurricane Gustav(recent)

  • Gustav occurred in 2008
  • Recorded 153 and no reported injuries in the Cayman Islands
  • Price in damage for the U.S= $4.3 billion, Cuba= $2.1 billion, and Jamaica= $210 million
  • Gustav left many, many people homeless                                                                                                                        

Christopher Columbus's Hurricane Encounter

  • Happened near the 1500s when Columbus was sailing to the U.S
  • Found in their time Hispaniola(where modern day Haiti and the Dominican Republic is found, in the North Atlantic Ocean)
  • Nearly 500 deaths were recorded
  • Many of Spain's ships didn't make it because of this hurricane
  • Injuries were not recorded
  • Price in damage was not recorded

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  • High pressure= a condition of the atmosphere in which the pressure is above average
  • Low pressure= a condition of the atmosphere in which the pressure is below average
  • Precipitation= rain, snow, sleet, or hail that falls to the ground
What hurricane winds look like
Hurricane Gustav

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