Shrub/Hedge I.D.

English Ivy

Botanical  Name: Hedera Helix.
Common Name: English Ivy.
Light Requirements: Prefers all shade but light tolerant.
Size At Maturity: Leaf is 9in. and vine can be 90+ feet long.
Used In Landscaping: Ground Cover.
Seasonal Change: Stays green in winter.
Unique Fact: Not native to the U.S.

Rose-gold Pussy Willow
Botanical Name: Salix Gracilistyla
Common Name: Rose-Gold Pussy Willow
Light Requirement: Full Sun
Mature Size: 6-8 feet
Landscape Use: Naturalizing and taking on different character with seasonal changes.
Key way to identify: Fruit puff things that looks like a little cat tail.
Unique Fact: Not ever used for ornamental.

Hall's Honeysuckle.
Botanical Name: Lonicera japonica 'Halliana'.
Common Name: Japanese honeysuckle.
Height: 15 to 30 feet.
Spread: 3 to 6 feet.
Light Requirements: Full sun to part shade.
Landscape Use: screening.
Seasonal Change: Get Flowers in the spring and loose their leaves in the fall/winter.
Unique Fact: It is one of the most invasive plants in Florida and Tennessee.

Wax Leaf Privet
Botanical Name: Ligustrum japonicum
Light requirements: full to partial sun.
mature size: 8 - 10 feet
Landscaping use: screen or windbreaker
seasonal change: spring blooms
How to identify: waxy leaves and flowers
Unique fact: from japan