Erick's Music Memory List

W.C. Handy

W.C. Handy also known as William Christopher Handy was born on 1875. He grew up in a log cabin in Alabama, his family was poor. His dad and mother were both ministers. W.C. Handy worked various jobs to save up money, not for food or clothes, but for a guitar! Later on his dad told him to return it because his dad thought music and any music instrument was for the devil.

Later on in his life he bought a trumpet and soon started playing it very well. After a while he became on of the best trumpet players, he even played with Louis Armstrong. He formed a band With two people, the band played blues. Soon they made a blue song and that came on the radio one day, most people loved it some didn’t. They played in concerts, after a few they played in W.C Handy’s hometown, his dad (who didn’t like what Handy was doing) came to one of his concerts and was so proud to hear what his son played and who he played with, he yelled out that’s my son up there.

Soon after that, he retired from making blues music. He stayed with his family to take care of his younger siblings when his dad was gone or went somewhere. His dad soon passed away leaving Handy and his younger siblings alone. Handy was getting old but still took care of his siblings. He soon passed away after his dad did, that day we lost one of the best trumpet and blue music creators in the world.

Carl Orff

  • Carl Orff was born is Germany 1865
  • he made his own instruments and way of teaching
  • he made his own school which was closed for political pressure, and bombed during World War II
  • he showed other music educators his way of teaching music
  • shortly after his school was closed he made his own radio station
  • he played many instruments and his own
  • composed Carmin's Burana
  • he grew up near a military base

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