Business Communications

Directions: Write your answers on a sheet of paper. Write in complete sentences.

1. What is communication?

2. What are 3 types of written communication used in a business office?

3. What are 3 types of oral communication used in a business office?

4. When planning communication what three things should be considered?

5. How should all communication be handled in business?

6. Why is it important to be able to communicate effectively in all business situations?

Directions: Complete the following and submit to my dropbox. Include a header with your name and date.

1. Compose a memo to inform the employees of Jackson Hospital that they will be receiving a raise in the amount of 3% beginning with their January check.

2. Compose a telephone conversation between yourself and a client of the company you work for (ABC Company). You are calling to tell the client that his or her order will be shipped on November 15.