Create an Ending

By: Anya Ocampos

   You are in your bathroom preparing for bed when you hear your phone ringing. You pick up the phone to see who's calling you. The caller ID was blocked, so you decide to answer.

   "Hello?" You ask into the phone. There was no reply. You only hear static on the other line. The caller hangs up, and then you hear footsteps in the hallway. Thud, thud, thud. You hear the footsteps get louder. THUD, THUD, THUD. Suddenly, they stop. You press your ear against the door. You don't hear anything. You shrug it off and head to your room.

   You climb into bed and close your eyes. Just as you are about to fall asleep, you hear a knock at your door. You get up and grab the knob. You gulp, then yank the door open. You see a man in a black suit holding a butcher's knife. You look around for a weapon to use. You don't have much, but you find a pencil, a stapler, and a book.

   What do you use? What happens next?

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