Scenario #1

The video that I saw was true acts of bullying that either lead to suicide or horrible abuse.This video explains that many teen get bullied at school for being obese , gay , or any disorder. Many teens even drops out of school for being bullied or even taking there life . Would you want to be the cause of someone life ? don't be a bully be a life saver STOP BULLYING !!!!!!!!.

My definition of bullying is someone who acts physical on others.
If someone did this to me, I would respond by telling an adult.
The reason I chose to respond this way is because if i tell an adult it could stop the bully.If I ever found out that someone was being bullied I would step in and tell an adult .Some of the warning sign behaviors are acting negative.

facebook scenario

If me and my friends witness bully and we don't do nothing about it were sending the bully a message that its okay to bully.Me and my friends can tell an adult to act socially in the situation.If we stand u[p to the bully we'll change the climate by saying were a team so if you don't like someone just don't mess with them.By supporting our classmate it tells the bully that your not so big and bad.

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