My Journal

My name is Nina and I am 18. I'm for the Union. I currenly live in Georgia.  Today is May 19, 1863. I am the 5 child out of seven children. I have 7 children. My  aunts husband is  fighting in the war along with my father and two of my brothers. I live in Atlanta, Georiga.

Day One

Every morning I will wake up and fetch water for all of our house hold. It takes me four trips to get enouhgh water. I will then clean the house. After everything that needed to be clean is cleaned, I will start to prepare for breakfast. To do so, I go to the chicken coop and get out the amount needed. I will proceed to cook the breakfast. In The afternoon my day is still just as busy. I run to the stor to buy some needed supplies to donate to the soldiers. I spend a lenghty amount of time at  the donationplace. I will then go to our elderly neighbors to help them do their daily choirs as well. I will clean their house and cook them dinner. Afterwords I go home and cook dinner for my family.

Day Two

I wonder how my families are doing. I want to know if they are alright or if they have all of the essentials that is needed? They are currently at Antietam. I truly hope they are healthy and well. On the day of September 17, 1862, was the morning  of assault and vicious counterattacks swept back and forth through Miller’s Cornfield and the West Woods. Later on, towards the center of the battlefield, The Union assaults against the Sunken Road and pierced the Confederate center after a terrible struggle. Late in the day, the third and final major assault by the Union army pushed over a bullet-strewn stone bridge at Antietam Creek.

Day Three

Today I milked my cow. I got a full bucket. It was quite a struggle to bring it back up to the house. I managed to spill verry little. I had to check if the defence supplies were still in condition.

Day Four

Dear Nina,

I miss you dearly. I have lost my left leg fighting. I was lucky enough to get it amputated before the infection got to spread further into my body. The word has it that the confederates are planning to attack us in late night. We all fear we will lose this war. Incase I do not come back home to you, I want you to know I love you.

Day Five

Our president was shot yesterday. It was such a tragic thing.

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