Chinese Dynasties

Sui Dynasty

The Sui dynasty began in 589, ruled by Yang Jian. It was a centralized government, he restored order and created a new law that all males could own land. The greatest achievement of this dynasty was that they built the Grand Canal.

Tang Dynasty

The Tang dynasty was founded by a Sui general who grabbed hold of power, this dynasty was around from 618 to 907. Tang became an influence for East Asia. They tried to build a very strong government. They expanded China and created a new law that to work for the government you had to take a written examination. They had the first (and only known) female emperor, emperor Wu. Below is a picture of her.

Song Dynasty

Once the Tang Dynasty came to an end, the Song came along and were in power until 1279. They had a centralized government, and focused a lot on the spiritual being. They never regained the north and southern land that Tang had long ago lost.

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