My war journal

By: John Williams

My Name is John Williams. Today we fought a Chancellorsville. I was a tough loss. As you know I am a sharpshooter. I shot down several men. It feels good to fire a rifle. Though killing men in cold blood isn't. I lost most of my company. We are pushing back to Gettysburg. I here we will meet a huge army there. I hope to live.

The Commanding Officers are enforcing some new rules. Drills every day. The never seem to end. One of my privates was caught stealing from a wounded man. He had his head shaved and was sent from camp. I follow rules and I enforce them. Thanks to these new rules my privates hate me. My company seems to be naturally good at the drills though

This is what a soldier longs for during the months at camp.

When we read the Jeremiah Story we read pages 1,2,3,5,6,10,18

1. Jeremiah, when you chose to join the Union,

what caused you to make that choice? I believed slavery was wrong

2. Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or

happy about? Choosing to stay with my mother. I got the chance to spend time with her before she died.

3. Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different? I wish I wouldn't have gotten captured by the enemy.

4. Jeremiah, would you have chose to fight in the East if you had known you would get  captured? I would not have chosen to go East. I would have fought Lee's troops like a man instead of chickening out.

Firing at he Confederates.

The conditions at camp are horrid. Most men have lice. Diarrhea is so common. A friend of mine died because the cut off his toe! How do you die from that?

Heading home after the war. I am finally can head home and get back to my normal life. Seeing all those dead people has changed my life. Sleeping won't happen for a while.

There are fun things to do at camp!

Bodies piling up sky high

hurrah hurrah

The death is making people cry

hurrah hurrah

people killing, people screaming none can possibly be beaming . as were all marching to are deaths.

Bodies piling up sky high


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