Special Interest Group Project

Make your teacher join a special interest group!

For this project, you will team up with two or three of your classmates and make an online brochure (using tackk.com) that persuades your teacher to join ranks with a real special interest group.  

Upon completion of this project, I will officially join the winning team's interest group in front of the class.  


* The interest group must be free to join, unless the class is willing to pay for my membership.

* The nature of the group, and content of their website, etc... MUST NOT BE SCHOOL-INAPPROPRIATE.

The process...

* You will have three days (including today) of class time to get the brochure done.

* On the fourth day we will have a TEST over chapter 13.

* Mr. Shiverdecker will narrow down his favorite and most convincing top 5 on that day.

* The following day my AP students will vote on their favorite interest group from Shiverdecker's top 5.  A runoff election will occur if there is no clear majority winner.

* The following day, I will create my account live in front of the class.  All communication between myself and winning interest group shall be shared with my AP students via my web page. :)

Project criteria

* Must use tackk.com to create your brochure - requires account creation.

* Must use at least 10 key terms from the book. Put these in ALL CAPS in your brochure.

* Must explain the following:

1.) What is the purpose of the SIG (special interest group)?

2.) How many people does it reach?

3.) How does it function/operate?

4.) What is the issue(s) it deals with?

5.) What data supports its success?

Your job is to sell me on this, so make it persuasive and make it good.

Worth 150 points - group grade