How were dogs used in WW1?
Lauren Meade and Chris Rivera

They were used to help people in the trenches. Also, they were used to deliver messages
They could detect enemy gas before it hit.
They also conferted soldiers

The dogs in this war were important because they protected people,delivered messages,and were trainable.These amazing dogs growl when trouble comes,and the dogs can detect wounded soldiers.Also, they can sense enemy gas. As soon as the dogs know, they will bark around camp.During the war, the dogs would give the soldiers comfort.💪🌚

What is the treaty of Versailles,and how did it change life in Europe in 1919?

The treaty of Versailles was controversial because nobody gained, caused friction, and Germany had to give up land to other countries. Then, they had to give up military forces. Meanwhile, it was created friction between the countries. Besides, the winning side didn't gain anything.

The signing of the treaty of Versailles

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